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Price List


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Colonic Hydrotherapy

60-75 minute appointment



Oxygen Therapy

60 minute appointment


Serving Coffee

Coffee Enema

Only available with colonic


Sports massage

Sports Massage - Legs

25-minute treatment


Collection of Herbs

Herbal Infusion /Parasite Cleanse

Only available with colonic


Kundalini Yoga Breathing

Oxygen Therapy & Sauna

120 minute appointment



IV Vitamin Infusion

30-45 minute appointment

from £70.00

Shoulder Treatment

Massage - Back, Neck, Shoulder

40-minute treatment



Infrared Sauna

35 minute appointment

£39.00 (1 person) / £49.00 (2 people)

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Colonic & Infrared Sauna

120 minute appointment


Spa Massage

Sports Massage - Full Body

60-minute treatment


body ballencer.png

Body Ballancer

50-minute treatment



Sauna (single/couples)

x5 £145.00 / £199.00

x10 £290.00 / £349.00

Body Ballancer

x6 £199

x12 £365

Oxygen Therapy

x5 £299.00

x10 £549.00

Body Ballancer & Infrared sauna

x5 £275

x10 £550

Sauna & Oxygen Therapy

x5 £469.00

x10 £869.00

Colonic hydrotherapy

x3 £180

Finding Sarah and her lovely team has been life changing for me. If you suffer with lymphatic drainage issues and your Dr doesn't advise against it, please give Flourish a call and get booked in the Body Ballancer. The facilities are beautiful, everyone is so friendly and it smells gorgeous as soon as you walk in. I always leave feeling physically and mentally fabulous, so thank you Sarah and team x

Kylie Roberts

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