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What is Time+?

We have partnered up with Nuchido, a group of scientists, doctors and futurists with a goal of helping people reach their true potential.


They've developed Time+, a supplement that increases NAD+ in our bodies by 242%. 

NAD+ is vital when converting food into cellular energy and promoting cellular health. We lose NAD+ as we age which is why we become more susceptible to disease and injury. 

So Time+ can actually reduce the effects of ageing! 

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What are the benefits?

Taking 3 supplements twice a day can have a great effect on your health! Anecdotal feedback has shown that customers have shown noticeable effects within 3 months!

These effects include:

  • Clearer Mental Clarity

  • Better Sleep

  • More energy

With a natural decline of NAD+, people can expect to have 64 years of living in good health, and 19 in living in poor health. Nuchido can increase the years we are healthy for.

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