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Healthpath Tests

Introducing Healthpath

I am excited to announce my new partnership with Healthpath. I think they have a fantastic approach - believing in the need to tackle the root causes of conditions, not just the symptoms.

They have some fantastic tests that help you find out what's going on in your body, or monitor a known condition. As testing is only really valuable if you can apply the result to your life, Healthpath's report includes bespoke nutrition and lifestyle advice. 


Essential Gut Health Test

Get insight into your gut microbiome and digestive function.


Ultimate Gut Health Test

Everything that's in the Advanced Test, plus a qPCR test for worms.


Advanced Gut Health Test

Everything in the Essential Test, plus more pathogenic bacteria & a marker for leaky gut.


Adrenal Fatigue Test

Find out how your stress levels are affecting your health.


Leaky Gut Test

Find out if you suffer from leaky gut syndrome.


SIBO Breath Test

Find out if you have small intestine bacterial overgrowth.

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