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IV Vitamin Infusions

What are IV infusions?

IV vitamin therapy infuses vitamins and nutrients directly into the blood stream, completely bypassing the gastrointestinal system.


Oral infusion of vitamins and minerals means that we only benefit from the absorption of 20% of the nutrients that we eat, while IV therapy allows the body to absorb 100% of the nutrients!

As the IV infuses the nutrients straight to your bloodstream, the benefits are fast acting. It can take up to two days to digest food, but IV therapy will get those vitamins running through you in hours.

Citrus Fruits

Benefits of IV infusions

The body is able to absorb 100% of the vitamins and minerals from IV. This leads to benefits such as:

- Healthier looking skin

- Healthier hair and nails

- Instant Rehydration

-Boosts your energy

-Improved recovery time for athletes

-Fights against the negative effects of toxins

IV infusion is also customisable so you know what's going into your body!

Customising your IV infusion

We have some premade infusion cocktails that are designed to achieve specific things, such as:

- Anti-aging

- Memory and concentration

- Sport and muscle performance


However, you can also customise your infusion to include any combination of vitamins and minerals,  including:

- Vitamin C

- Vitamin B12 

- Multimineral Selenium

- Zinc

- Copper, Manganese

IV infusion

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