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Sports massage

Sports Massage

What are sports massages?

Sports massages are a great way to relax the muscles, soothe soft tissue and improve overall joint pain.

Sports massage targetsIts muscles that can be damaged from long term exercise and soft tissue that is likely to be damaged from sporting injuries. 


It's benefits can include better performances in physical activity and aid in recovery to help you get moving quicker making it great for athletes or for anyone who has aches and pains when they move. 

Sports injury treatment
Better sport performance

Benefits of sports massage

Sports massages can have advantages on exercising as well as holistic benefits on the body.

- Relaxes muscles 

- Improves blood circulation

- Improves muscle elasticity 

- Prevents future sports injuries 

- Improves flexibility 

- Removes lactic acid build-up

- Faster injury recovery

- Better sporting performance. 

What happens at my appointment?

During your appointment you'll be with Denley, our sports massage specialist.

A sports massage will involve various techniques such as kneading, wringing, trigger pointing and effleurage.


These techniques will be used to target areas that are likely to be injured or get tight from day to day activities.


The soft tissue will be loosened by relaxing the muscle, causing it to be more flexible and less prone to injury. 

To book an appointment, you can call Denley on 07784236212

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