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What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a kind of massage that mostly focuses on the feet, but can also include the hands and ears.


Reflexology is a great way to calm the body's central nervous system down which promotes relaxation throughout the entire body.

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Benefits of reflexology

As reflexology targets the places with the most nerves, it can cause benefits and good feelings across the whole body.

- Boosts the immune system 

- Reduces arthritis pain

- Lifts mood

- Helps with back pain

- Improves your general health and wellbeing 

What happens at my appointment?

During your appointment, you'll be with Emma, our reflexology specialist.


The massage will involve working the way down the feet, targeting multiple pressure points. The pressure points will be where lots of nerves are, and massaging them will relieve pressure throughout the entire central nervous system.

This will help reduce knots and stress and is a great and holistic way to help you feel relaxed. 

To book an appointment, you can call Emma on 07599504433.

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